TripleMinds Coriolis Thanks to their unique properties, located just about anywhere, even on roof

tops, as the design for whisper quiet and totally vibration-free rotation.

Triple Minds wind turbines are:

A vertical wind turbine with adjustable blades.

Wind Independent.

The vanes surface adjusted depending on wind speed and energy.

TM has a wide wind range, generates electricity from 3 m/s

No need to shut down at high wind speed.

Short construction time, modular units

Uses multiple smaller generators is at ground level

easy maintenance and service

No traditional gearbox

TripleMinds power turbine are easy to install and much easier to carry out maintenance

therefore are more convenient than regular Horizontal Axis Wind Towers (HAWT)

for small wind and private energy production.                                             


TM Coriolis solutions results in more efficient land use, it is possible to place 3-4 TM Coriolis VAWT, which together can deliver more kWh, in same space as one (1) traditional HAWT. The reason for this is because the ambient air motion and the generation of turbulence about the solids.


Small Wind energy system provides a cushion against electricity price increases and reduces dependence on fossil fuels. If you are building a home/light industry in a remote location, a small wind energy system can help you avoid the high costs of extending utility power lines to your site.

Easy to assemble

All standard components

Low transportation costs

Short construction time

All electrical and heavy equipment on the ground

for easy maintenance


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