About TripleMinds Ltd

TripleMinds Ltd  is a Swedish company, estabilished in 2008

In the segment for Sustainable Energy, aiming to become a company to reckon with both nationally and internationally. The company was founded by inventors Cenneth Lindkvist and Janne Gherke, along with  admin. Lennart Nilsson, who started the company TRIPLE MINDS AB.


The CEO, Cenneth Lindkvist, holds a degree of engineering from Royal Institute of technology (KTH), Stockholm. Cenneth has been engaged with research and development for about 20 years with KTH, has also worked for 15 years in Private sector. Since 2000 owns a development company.



"SWEFIL" - Sustainable Wind Energy For Independent Living. 

Wind as an endless energy resource for everyone

An interest in gaining energy independence from the utility

Reducction of the environmental impact of electricity production

Acknowledgement of the variable nature of wind power and a strategy for using variable resources to meet different energy requirements



TripleMInds AB      Virkesvägen 19      120 30 Stockholm       070-741 66 60